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over 85 years of business


Romeo Cobalchini was established on 1937 as company manufacturer of grease nipples and lubrications components and accessories.

In these over 85 years of activity the company has known periods of big success and expansion and it distinguished itself for dynamism with it has confronted the new market’s request and for steadily with it has followed its customers during many years establishing a reciprocal relations. Since 2000 the new property of “Romeo Cobalchini” has reorganized the different productive departments inserting new machines in order to increase the product’s quality. Since 2003 the company renews the brand, its image and reinforces the sales department. The company presents itself on national and international market on the most important sector’s fair as : EIMA (Bologna), SAMOTER (Verona), SIMA (Paris), AGROTECH – Golden Autumn (Moscow).

On 2007 “Romeo Cobalchini” got the quality certification in according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. Today “Romeo Cobalchini” can offer to its customers the best quality/price relation with fast deliveries thank to a final products warehouse always well supplied. The company is known on national and international market and at the moment exports to 30 countries in the world.

The company is known on national and international market and at the moment exports to 30 countries in the world.



Since long time Romeo Cobalchini S.r.l. has got in force a Service Quality Management having means and resources appropriate to ensure the quality of the production and service.

The Quality system fulfils the following main tasks:

 Ensures the necessary controls of the incoming goods, controls and checks during the production and on finished product;
 Provides the possibility to carry out certain checks on demand;
• Constantly monitors the targets set for assessing the level of service to the customer;
• It takes account of the evaluation and suggestions that customers make us by filling the “Questionnaire Customer Satisfaction”;
 Manages promptly any reports of non-conformity;
 Coordinates and monitors corrective and/or improvement actions;
 Ensures that the level of training of its employees is appropriate and updated;

The Quality Department is equipped with a metrology lab and measuring instruments of adequate to carry out:
 Measures of length;
 Pressure measurements;
Hardness measurements;
 Roughness measuring;
 Analysis with profile projector;
 Measurements of the characteristics of springs by means of a dedicated dynamometer;
 Metallographic investigations on sectioned parts;

Also ensures that all of the tools used in the company are maintained in good condition and correctly calibrated.

Since 2007 the Quality System Management has acquired the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, lately updated according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


The TARGETS, that the ROMEO COBALCHINI S.R.L. follows, are:

  •  Satisfying the Customer’s needs and expectations by offering a qualitatively valid product;
  • Comply with the laws, rules and regulations in force in order to achieve the satisfaction of the requirements set by the contractual documents;
  • Improve the external image and grow the company know-how to be competitive in an increasingly competitive market;
  • Respect execution and delivery times;
  • Reduce operating costs;
  • Coordinate and control all the activities influencing the company quality;
  • Respect for the environment and current environmental legislation;
  • Compliance with workplace safety regulations.

                                                                                                                      General Director

technical dept.

Romeo Cobalchini S.r.l. relies on a Technical Dept. able to meet in a short time the most various requests for projects of components and equipment for lubrication, making the most of many years of experience in the field.
In particular, the Technical Dept. is able to design:
 Components and equipment for lubrication according to UNI, DIN, ISO, SAE and NPTF;
 Special projects on the customer’s specifications;
 Special pieces on customer’s drawing;

The Technical Dept. takes advantage of the best CAD systems 2D and 3D as well as software developed internally for sizing and drawing cylindrical and conical springs to better meet the specific needs of the sector.



The production is composed from the processing area and from the assembly area. The machining area makes use of a fleet composed of multispindle lathes, CNC Swiss type lathes, CNC rotary transfer machines. The assembly area is composed of automatic assembling machines able to assemble the totality of the production of hydraulic fittings rights, at 45° and 90 °. Our automatic assembling machines are equipped with sensors for monitoring the presence and correct positioning of the various components ensuring at 100% the quality of our assemblies. Only productions of special components are assembled manually.



The main production of “Romeo Cobalchini” are grease nipples that are manufactured in according to UNI, DIN norm and with SAE e NPTF thread or in case on drawing by customer.

The force of “Romeo Cobalchini” is having, thank to over 70 years of sector’s experience, a considerable technical know-how that consents solving possible problems suggesting alternative solutions or products made to measure. In these last 10 years the company has increased its range of products for offering a more complete service to its customers with production of SPRING PLUNGERS, OIL RELIEF SCREW, GREASE RELIEF VALVES.

“Romeo Cobalchini” supplies with its products to the following first sector’s plant that rapresent nearly on 70% of company’s turn over:

• Earth moving machines
• Agricultural machines
• Industrial vehicles
• Manufacturer of agricultural’s equipment
• Manufacturer of equipment for industrial vehicles
• Manufacturer of linear guide

”Romeo Cobalchini” supplies also the big and medium spare parts market distribution.